Christchurch City Council's Review of Home-Share Accommodation - Public Feedback Sought

The Christchurch City Council (the Council) is calling for feedback from the public on possible options for Christchurch District Plan (the Plan) changes in relation to home-share accommodation (e.g. Airbnb, Bookabach).

The Council’s review is in response to the rapid increase in home-share accommodation in the Christchurch Area.

This review has been somewhat anticipated in light of recent Council (Commissioner) decisions to decline resource consent applications for guest accommodation in residential zones. In particular, while declining consent, Commissioners have signalled the potential need for current Plan provisions to be reviewed.  One such decision was successfully appealed to the Environment Court (Archibald v Christchurch City Council) late last year, with the Court noting that the current Plan does not adequately respond to the demand for guest accommodation (including Airbnb).

Home-sharing Under the Current District Plan

Currently, guest accommodation (includes home share) accommodation is permitted under the Plan in a number of commercial zones (including the Central City Business Zone and the Central City Mixed Use Zone) and the Guest Accommodation Zone, as well as within the Accommodation and Community Facilities Overlay.  

Home-share accommodation is generally not permitted within residential or rural zones under the Plan, with some limited exceptions;

  • Residential zones  other than the Residential Central City Zone – home-share accommodation is permitted if the owner lives onsite and the accommodation is for no more than six guests;
  • Residential Central City Zone – home-sharing accommodation is permitted if it involves a small unit and any employees live on the site; and
  • Rural zones – home-share accommodation is permitted where associated with rural tourism activities. 

The Options for Change

The Council has developed five possible options (for initial public consultation) in relation to the future of home-share accommodation under the Plan:

  • Retaining the status quo;
  • Permitting, in residential and rural zones, whole houses to be listed on home-sharing websites for a limited amount of days per year;
  • Permitting, in specific areas of residential and rural zones, whole houses to be listed on home-sharing websites for a limited amount of days per year;
  • Permitting whole houses to be used for home-sharing if the house meets certain criteria (e.g. parking and separation distances); or
  • Allowing home-share accommodation in all residential areas as a residential activity.

The Council has not signalled any preference for a particular option at this stage.

Consultation -  Opportunity to Provide Feedback

To find out more about the consultation process or to give feedback, follow this link to the Council website.

Consultation on this potential plan change closes on 2 March 2020.

If you would like further explanation or assistance with providing feedback, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team at Adderley Head.

Disclaimer: This is a brief summary for information purposes only and is not legal advice.

Posted on Friday 14th February, 2020 at 10:58 am