Zero Carbon Amendment Bill

The following is an update, following on from our October 2018 article; “Submissions on Zero Carbon Bill Released”, regarding the submissions received from the public on the proposed Zero Carbon Bill.  Over 15,000 New Zealanders made submissions, with the majority showing their support for a 2050 zero emissions target.

As foreshadowed in our October 2018 article, the select committee has now introduced a bill into Parliament. The Bill has been introduced as an amendment to the Climate Change Response Act 2002.

The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill has passed the first reading in Parliament.  The Amendment Bill will do four key things:

  • Set a new greenhouse gas emissions reduction target with all greenhouse gases (except biogenic methane) reduced to net zero by 2050 and reduce emissions of biogenic methane within the range of 24–47 per cent below 2017 levels by 2050 (including to 10 per cent below 2017 levels by 2030).
  • Set a series of emissions budgets to act as stepping stones towards the long-term target.
  • Require the Government to develop and implement policies for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Establish a new, independent Climate Change Commission to provide expert advice and monitoring to help keep successive governments on track to meeting long-term goals.

The select committee is currently seeking the public’s view on the Amendment Bill and will consider all submissions before it makes its recommendations to Parliament on the Bill. Submissions close on 16 July 2019.

For more information, including how you can make a submission, go to:



 Disclaimer: This is a brief summary for information purposes only and is not legal advice.


Posted on Tuesday 25th June, 2019 at 04:20 pm