Local Government Reform

Earlier this month the Government introduced a bill into Parliament proposing a range of changes to the Local Government Act 2002. This follows on from the reforms introduced in late 2012 and is part of the Government’s broader reform programme for "better local government".

The Bill amends the Local Government Act 2002 to:

  • change what development contributions can be used for;
  • allow for objections to development contributions charges;
  • encourage more collaboration and shared services between local authorities;
  • make consultation requirements more flexible;
  • provide for a new significance and engagement policy;
  • enable more efficient and focused consultation on long-term plans and annual plans;
  • remove unnecessary duplication between annual plans and long-term plans;
  • introduce new requirements for infrastructure strategies and asset management planning;
  • enable elected members to use technology to participate in council meetings, rather than attending in person;
  • require councils to disclose information about their rating bases in long-term plans, annual plans and annual reports; and
  • require disclosure of risk management arrangements for physical assets in annual reports.

For further information about the bill, please click here.  

Posted on Tuesday 26th November, 2013 at 03:08 pm