Land Use Recovery Plan Update

The draft Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP) has now been publicly notified and submissions close on 2 August 2013.

This is a very important document for Greater Christchurch. Its purpose is to aid the recovery and rebuild of Greater Christchurch. It sits above and directs changes to the planning documents of each district within Greater Christchurch to ensure its purpose is achieved.

The LURP identifies priority areas for residential and business growth with a focus on rebuilding communities. It details implementation steps complete with timing, responsibilities and monitoring to ensure the recovery of Greater Christchurch is achieved within the LURP’s 10-15 year timeframe.

This document will shape the future urban development of Greater Christchurch, and this is the second and last opportunity to have your say. To view the LURP please click here.

Once the submission period has closed, Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee will consider the submissions, make any necessary amendments and release the final Land Use Recovery Plan for Greater Christchurch. 

Posted on Tuesday 9th July, 2013 at 03:40 pm