State of the Nation

Prime Minister John Key delivered his state of the nation speech on 25 January 2013. As anticipated it signalled further changes to planning and resource management legislation that aim to give effect to the Government’s Business Growth Agenda.

Since this Government’s inception it has implemented a number of streamlining amendments to the RMA process; these latest changes indicate a shift from process based amendments to amendments on the merits of RMA considerations.

It is likely that these changes may include:

  • National consistency on planning documents;
  • Restrictions on matters covered in conditions for resource consents;
  • A fixed fee schedule for consents for Local Authorities to implement;
  • A more cost effective and streamlined consenting process which may include a restriction on public participation in certain circumstances; and
  • A planning and RM system that enables growth and strong environmental outcomes

The Government has signalled that creating a better system to manage New Zealand’s resource base is a high priority. This comprehensive package of RMA reforms is to be released in the next few months.


To read the whole speech click here.

Posted on Tuesday 19th February, 2013 at 09:28 am