Land Use Recovery Plan Approved

The highly anticipated Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP) has been approved by Gerry Brownlee, the Minister for Earthquake Recovery and took effect from 6 December 2013. It shapes the future urban development of Greater Christchurch and will lead to significant changes on the built environment of our communities.

The LURP contains 50 actions to be undertaken by central government, local councils and other groups. Some of these actions put planning provisions in place which have immediate effect, whilst other actions direct future changes to planning documents, such as the City Plan review to be completed by April 2016. Other actions are not directions but agreements between strategic partners and other agencies such as New Zealand Transport Agency.

A key purpose of the LURP is to ensure recovery by providing certainty for Christchurch about where future residential and business growth will be located. These areas are identified as priority areas in the LURP and provisions are included to ensure that development occurs in these areas. Recently, the media has reported on the City Council approving changes to the LURP to aid development in intensification areas. These changes include:

  • Creation of an enhanced development mechanism to achieve medium density housing on large sites;
  • Creation of a community housing redevelopment mechanism that allows redevelopment of community and social housing that is already in place;
  • Enabling an existing dwelling to be split into two units; and
  • Enabling two residential units to be built in zones where previously only one unit was allowed.

Now that the LURP has been approved and notified, local councils cannot act inconsistently with it when considering consent applications or changes to planning documents. A copy of the LURP can be located here. We will be providing further comment on specific sections of the LURP and the implications shortly.

Posted on Wednesday 11th December, 2013 at 11:59 am