Proposed amendments to the RMA

In line with its programme for “simplifying and streamlining” the Resource Management Act, the Government has announced further changes to the Act are not far away. In particular, the Government intends to introduce a six month time limit on the council processing of medium sized consents, such as subdivisions and industrial developments.

In addition to the six month time frame for medium sized consents, the Government has proposed measures that would ensure consent applications for large regional projects can be directly referred to the Environment Court more easily.

Other significant changes proposed include having one resource management plan per local authority, with the intended outcome being better co-ordination between land-use planning, infrastructure, and transport investments.

The Minister for the Environment has advised that these and other changes to the RMA will be announced later this year. Additional information on the proposed reforms can be found here

Posted on Tuesday 13th November, 2012 at 10:09 am