One Plan continues to face strong opposition

Federated Farmers continues to be critical of Horizons One Plan. Federated Farmers, who have labelled the new plan “Farmergeddon”, claim the new plan will impact on farm profitability in the region of 22 to 43%. And it appears Federated Farmers is receiving support for its claims from Central Government, with the Minister for Primary Industries, David Carter, signalling that amendments to section 32 of the RMA were now necessary to ensure that councils “do better cost/benefit analysis of their proposals”.


In response Horizons Regional Council has claimed that the Ministry was using “extreme scenarios” when calculating the cost to farmers of the One Plan, and this appears to be supported by Landcare Research, who has said that it considers the likely impact to be less than 1 per cent.


Federated Farmers, along with other parties, have lodged an appeal against the Environment Court’s decision on the One Plan, and it certainly appears that the matter is far from resolved.


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Posted on Tuesday 20th November, 2012 at 09:59 am