We are moving!

Neil MacGregor-the Director of the British Museum in London-makes an interesting point. He says that discovering our past helps us to redefine who we are, and so become what we want to be.

At Adderley Head, we can relate to that. As we look forward to the rebuilding of Christchurch, we nevertheless find ourselves drawn to the past. We have chosen for our new premises the property at 15 Worcester Boulevard.

We expect you know the building well. It is opposite the Arts Centre, at the Botanical Gardens end of Worcester Boulevard. Built in 1895, it has been described as a city landmark: one of the best-preserved heritage buildings in Christchurch.

To us, 15 Worcester Boulevard is more than a desirable address. The building has not only survived, it has thrived. Over its history, many have had an association: Sir Miles Warren assisted with its preservation and rejuvenation. 15 Worcester Boulevard has woven itself into the tapestry that is Christchurch. We feel privileged that it is to be our base as we play a role in the future development of this great city.

We will be operating from 15 Worcester Boulevard from Monday, 28 May 2012 and-apart from our physical address-our contact details all remain the same.

Posted on Friday 25th May, 2012 at 10:16 am