Proposed Land & Water Regional Plan

On 11 August 2012, the Canterbury Regional Council notified its Proposed Land and Water Regional Plan. This is a significant plan that contains rules affecting a wide range of activities throughout the Canterbury region.

The Land and Water Plan will replace the majority of the current Natural Resources Regional Plan (NRRP), which was only made operative in June 2011 after a submission process spanning several years. The rules in the Land and Water Plan have immediate effect from the date of notification and for the time being exist in addition to the rules in the NRRP.

Submissions can be made on the Land and Water Plan until 5 October 2012. It is important that interested parties engage in the submission process, as there will be no rights of appeal to the Environment Court once decisions are made.

To read a more detailed article on the plan, pleaseĀ click here. If you have any questions about the plan or its implications for you please contact us.

Posted on Wednesday 15th August, 2012 at 05:06 pm