Rachael Mortiaux

Rachael Mortiaux

 Senior Solicitor

My career to date

I graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2011 with an LLB and BA in Media and Communication. Post graduating, I spent four years as a banking and finance lawyer before transitioning to environmental/resource management law. I began my role at Adderley Head in April 2017.

What I enjoy about my work

I enjoy being consistently stimulated and challenged by the wide variety of work that comes across my desk. I love developing my knowledge of environmental law and have a particular interest in the use of natural resources and marine matters. Working with enjoyable and pragmatic people is a highlight, both in terms of my very knowledgeable colleagues and also our innovative and resourceful clients.

What you can expect from me

You will find me friendly, honest and professional with no affectation. A natural born problem-solver, I am able to get to the bottom of an issue quickly and then deliver practical, sound solutions.

What I enjoy outside of work

I am a committed netballer, boxer, and runner and have a general love of the outdoors. I am often studying for personal interest and attainment and am an avid reader. I try to travel as often as I can and am lucky enough to have spent time in Europe, the Middle East and a year immersed in the Cook Islands. I come from a family of self-driven pragmatists who keep each other grounded and on our game!