Deborah Kinzett

Deborah Kinzett

Office Manager

My Background

I grew up in Christchurch, and my first job when I was 17 years old was in one of Christchurch’s larger law firms.  After three years of working my way up the ladder, I then moved to a medium-sized law firm where I was the Trust Accountant for over 10 years before taking leave to start a family.   

My role at Adderley Head

My career at Adderley Head began in January 2013.  Trust account administration, creditors, general ledger, payroll, billing, and management reporting are some of the varied tasks in this role. 

What I enjoy about my work

I enjoy the diversity that the role brings and the people that I work alongside. 

What I enjoy away from work

Spending time with family and friends.  With two school-age sons, many hours are spent on the sports fields watching soccer, rugby, cricket and tennis.  I enjoy movies, gardening, and reading a good book when time permits.