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Resource management and environmental law receives its fair share of criticism. Without proper guidance, those who encounter it can be taken on an unpredictable journey to an unintended destination. With Adderley Head by your side, you will have a different experience. There are three key things that set us apart:

Environmental Law Specialists


We focus on what we do best and are dedicated specialists in environmental law

What people say about us


Every action we take is directed towards achieving your objectives and exceeding  your expectations

No Surprises

No surprises!

We take the mystery and uncertainty out of the process and the price


Our name, Adderley Head, is the headland of Lyttelton Harbour where the port's first pilots were based. Like those maritime pilots, we guide you through unfamiliar waters, offering you safe passage and a successful outcome.


What People are saying

Rolleston Rezoning

David led a large team of consultants putting together the Foster Holdings Limited case for Plan Change 7.  The way he did this was great to watch and our confidence in David grew and grew as the case moved through its various stages.  The issues or challenges in the case were identified so everybody could understand them and their role in addressing them.  As clients, we knew and understood what was going on, when things needed to be completed, and whether or not they were done on time. 

In presenting our case to the decision-maker, David was very articulate and persuasive.  The case had been so well-organised its presentation largely went like clockwork.  As clients sitting in the room watching the case unfold we expected there would be no surprises: that's exactly the way it occurred. We would have no hesitation in utilising David and the team at Adderley Head for any future planning projects. 

Annette and David Foster, Directors, Foster Holdings Limited


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